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12 Contoh Soal UTBK TPS Pengetahuan dan Pemahaman Umum Terbaru 2022, Lengkap dengan Kunci Jawaban

- Senin, 19 September 2022 | 10:14 WIB
 contoh soal UTBK TPS Pengetahuan dan Pemahaman Umum rerbaru 2022, yang sudah dilengkapi kunci jawaban lengkap (pexels.com/Karolina Grabowska)
contoh soal UTBK TPS Pengetahuan dan Pemahaman Umum rerbaru 2022, yang sudah dilengkapi kunci jawaban lengkap (pexels.com/Karolina Grabowska)

Koranmemo.com - Semangat pagi mari belajar bersama contoh soal TPS Pengetahuan dan Pemahaman Umum terbaru 2022 yang bisa menjadi bahan belajarmu sebelum menghadapi UTBK.

Tapi sebelum mengerjakan contoh TPS UTBK alangkah baiknya adik-adik berdoa sesuai dengan keyakinan masing-masing supaya diberi kelancaran saat ujian nanti.

Lebih jelasnya inilah kumpulan contoh TPS UTBK yang telah kami rangkum sesuai dengan buku simulasi SBMPTN. 

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Perhatikan Teks Berikut untuk Soal No 1-4

In the 1930s, Chester F. Carlson was working in the patents department of a large electronics firm in New York City. One of the major problems in his work was the length of time and expense involved in getting patents copied, patents were lengthy legal documents, and the only ways to get them copied were to take them to a typist or to take them to a photographer. Either way of copying patents took a lot of time and cost a lot of money.

He came up with the idea for a machine that would copy documents quickly and efficiently. He researched the idea in the library and then worked over a three-year period on developing a machine that used a light, an electro statically charged plate, and powder to duplicate images on paper. The result of this work was a machine that produced the first xerographic copy on October 22, 1938.

He named the process "Xerox", which means "dry writing". Carlson felt that he had a good idea, one that would be extremely helpful in the business world. He tried to sell his idea to a number of large corporations, but they were not terribly interested in his machine. A few years later he sold the process to a small family-owned company. This small company grew into the giant Xerox Corporation, and both Carlson and Xerox became rather wealthy in the process.

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1. The text is mainly about ....
A. the life of Chester F. Carlson
B. Carlson's career in a patents office
C. the development of the Xerox machine
D. how the Xerox machine became popular
E. the effect of the invention of the Xerox machine
Jawaban : D


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